I remembered this when I was reading about today’s photograph theme. For me having two colors having more than one presence on the cube face as well as the center having twin presence made me remember duality or ‘Double’

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Day 5, 31st July

New days, old stories! With every passing day, passing moment, I am losing my faith in the beauty of relationships! 1. Office is definitely a full fledged hostile environment! MUST GET THAT IN! 2. Love, anywhere apart from family is not worth it. Period! This is not a world for suckers who believe in relations […]

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28th July, Day 2

As with so many stories in this world, the first step (or the first day) is the hardest. Afterwards things start falling in place one by one, except for certain minor aberrations. The day today was different in certain aspects. For once I didn’t have to deal with the sight of Mr. Smart and Ms. […]

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27 – July, 2014

It has been quite a long time since I stopped writing diary! Almost a year now! It was at this time last year that my diary had been my solace, my only partner in sharing. A year on, now it feels more than ever before that it is how things will be, forever! I and […]

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